Areas People Forget To Pack When They Move

4 Areas People Forget To Pack When They Move


It’s Summertime, and if you’re a high-octane, high-producing Realtor you know that summer is a great time for your clients to move. This is especially true if they have kids—this way they can get them settled into a new home before the school year starts. Since it is “moving season” we wanted to share with you something that we’ve come across since we’re always in homes during a move, doing window treatments. There are four things we see over and over again that people miss when they move out of a house—pass this list on to your clients to help them keep from making the same mistakes! 


1. Attic space.


We see it all the time—people get everything packed up and forget about the attic until the last minute! People often use the attic for their Christmas decorations, or their extra storage, and they just don’t think about it. Make sure your clients remember to get their stuff out of the attic!


2. Backyard.


Another area of the home that people tend to forget about is their backyard. Maybe they’ve got a swing set back there, or a trampoline, yard furniture … they get everything packed up and then remember that they have to have the movers break down the patio furniture or the playset! And they may have forgotten to even include the outdoor furniture on their moving inventory. Pass this on to make sure your clients are thinking about their backyards and patios!


3. Shed.


Like the backyard, people often overlook their sheds. That’s where they might keep the lawn mower, and yard tools. People moving on their own seem especially likely to forget about the shed. They may forget to put it on their inventory, and then realize that they have a whole other load or two in the shed alone! So if your clients have a shed, make sure they’re clearing it out. 


4. Off-site storage unit.


This is an easy one to forget for many people! Sometimes people are in a small home, have things in storage in a storage unit, and for forget that they’re going to have to move things from that storage unit to their new larger home. Then they have to have the movers go to the storage unit as well! 

These are some of the things we’ve seen happen, whenever we’re putting window treatments into a new home. Hopefully, you can forward this along to your clients who are moving or closing this month. And as always, if your clients need help with their window treatments we’d love to give them a quote. We’d also love to be your preferred provider to help them make their house a home. 

Have a great month! Happy closings! We hope this helps!