With any window treatment, there are four primary options for raising and lowering.

1. Standard cord.

First, there’s the standard cord that you see on most blinds. Our blinds have a safety feature so that if there’s too much weight applied to the cord, it will break free. This way if a child or small animal gets tangled up in the cord, that’s a nice safety feature so that they don’t end up badly hurt.

But people have been moving away from cords altogether. They either don’t like that the cord lengthens when you pull it to open the blinds, or they don’t like having to wrap up a long cord.

2. Continuous cord loop.

One option to a long cord is a continuous cord loop. You still have a cord, but it’s attached to the wall by a tensioner. Just like it sounds it operates in one continuous loop, so you never have a long piece of cord hanging from your blinds. You can have a smart feature on these blinds so that it comes down all in one motion, instead of having to pull the cord to lower the blinds.

3. Motorization.

The most efficient way to raise and lower blinds is motorization, where you have no cords whatsoever! You can raise and lower with just a touch of a button.

4. Cordless blinds.

If you don’t want to invest in motorization but you still don’t want a cord, you can get cordless blinds. With cordless blinds, you simply pull the blind itself down. When you want to raise the blind, give a gentle tug and it rises—almost as if it were motorized!

So those are your different options for blinds: Standard cord, continuous cord, cordless, and motorization.

Some places also sell a retractable cord. These are similar to a continuous cord, but when you pull on the cord it goes back up. The drawbacks are that you still have a cord with this option, and it only has so many pulls before the retraction feature can fail.

The trend is that everyone is getting away from cords and leaning more towards motorization. Hopefully, this helps you understand the different options, and can help you decide what fits your family and your needs. Are you ready for a free estimate? Book an appointment today by clicking the button below!

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