home security tips

It’s fun to go on family trips, whether it’s summer vacation or the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. But when we do, of course we leave our houses. That can leave our houses vulnerable, especially if we’re gone for several days or more.

We want to give you some tips on how to make sure your home is secure when you’re away, so you can have a great time on vacation without worrying.


1. Have a neighbor keep an eye on your house:


If you’re friends with your neighbor, let them know you’ll be one and ask them to keep an eye out. Maybe have them pick up your newspaper and your mail, so that those things don’t pile up outside and advertise that you’re not home.


2. Have a camera keep an eye on your house:


You can have technology watch over your home! There are security cameras you can set up to keep an eye on things. There’s a device call the Ring (ring.com) that will notify you on your smart phone, no matter where you are, whenever someone rings your doorbell. If you have packages that are delivered while you’re gone you will be notified, and then you can call a friend or neighbor to pick them up for you. Plus, you can see who is coming by your house!


3. Turn off your water:


Often people don’t think about this, but if you’re going to be gone for more than a couple of days, go ahead and turn off your water. If you’re gone in the winter time and your pipes freeze, you could end up coming home to a flooded house! Even a slow leak, in other times of year, can result in you coming home to a flooded house. No one wants or needs that!


4. Use technology to make it look like someone is home:


You can set up devices for your lights and your windows treatments. For your lights, you can set up automation to have lights turn on ad off in some rooms at certain times, to give the impression that your family is at home. Remember in “Home Alone,” how crooks were able to tell the family was away because the house was dark every single day, with newspapers piling up? Lights going on and off really makes it look like someone is home.

It’s the same for window treatments. You can set up automation to raise and lower your window treatments at certain times of the day to make it look like someone is home, so you don’t have someone like the “Home Alone” bandits trying to rob your house!

So if you’re traveling soon, be safe, have fun, and take these tips into account to make sure your house is safe and sound while you’re away!