Hidden costs of moving

5 Hidden Costs of Moving

Whether you’ve moved once, or a million times, there always seems to be some hidden costs that come with moving. Even if you have your moving quote, and you have the whole budget done—there are always these little things that seem to pop up during the course of the move.

Here are five things to look out for so that you can inflate your budget a little where you need to, and not be caught off guard!

1. Packing materials:

Have you ever been in the middle of packing up your house, only to suddenly realize you don’t have enough boxes? So you go to the store and buy boxes. Then, you run out of tape or packing peanuts and bubble wrap. These little expenses add up!

2. Food:

There are a couple of reasons you might need extra money for food. One is that a week before the move, you’ll be trying to make sure you don’t build up leftovers in the fridge. You’re getting rid of food, and you won’t want to be cooking more of it so you might end up ordering out a lot. Or maybe you forgot, and suddenly you are faced with having to get rid of a lot of food. And then when you move into your new house, what’s the first thing everyone does? They order pizza, or Chinese food or something like that, because they don’t feel like unpacking the kitchen and trying to cook right away. So make sure you’re ready for these expenses!

3. Utilities:

Often when you’re switching over your water, electricity, etc. there’s some kind of transfer fee. Maybe you don’t even see it—sometimes it’s hiding in your bill. Also, some utilities will require deposits. Pay attention to those details, and have enough in your budget to cover them.

4. New furniture and appliances:

This is more of a “want to” rather than a “have to” hidden cost. Sometimes the furniture that you have doesn’t look quite like you want it to in your new home. Or maybe it’s old, and you want a brand new start, so you’re going out and buying a new sofa, new kitchenware—maybe a new refrigerator because yours needs to match the stainless appliances. Of course, you don’t have to do any of this. But if you’re going to be getting new things, plan carefully beforehand and think through all the items you want to replace.

5. Window treatments:

Often people get all settled into their new home only to realize—Oh no! We don’t have anything on the windows! Maybe your house is newly built, and your builder did not include window treatments. Or maybe you’re buying a pre-existing home, and the previous owners took all their window treatments with them. This is where we can help you!

Often people don’t think about this, and they end up putting up curtains themselves and running down to the big box store to get some things that will tide you over. If you do that, we do encourage you to check out our blog post on how to correctly measure your windows for blinds, as well as our post about custom blinds vs. buying off the shelf. If you would like a free estimate for custom blinds (or you know someone who does), we will be more than happy to come out to the house and do all the measurements and get you an accurate quote. Just click here:

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If you’ve just moved and you’re settled in, welcome to town! We hope you enjoy your new home! If you know anyone who is moving soon, please share this with them so they can budget accordingly. Thank you!