Ways To Make Your House Cooler In The Summer

Ways To Make Your House Cooler In The Summer


It’s that time of year! With these scorching hot temperatures, you know it’s summer in Texas. We want to give you some quick tips on what you can do as a homeowner to make your home a little cooler and more comfortable this summer.


1. Change your AC filter.


Most people don’t think about this, but you can have your AC running full blast but if you have a dirty filter, your house isn’t going to get very cool. A dirty filter will keep your AC unit from working properly. Go up in your attic, if that’s where your unit lives, and check the filter. If it’s dirty, go ahead and swap it out for a clean one. 


2. Install Cellular shades.


This is something we offer. These shades are unique because they’re made of cells that act as insulators. If you have a window that faces the sun for most of the day, cellular shades could help take the impact of the heat off your room and actually cool your home down. 

When you’re thinking about shades, here’s something else to consider. Many people have beautiful windows that they want to see and show off. Our shades have a very low stack, which means that when you pull the cellular shades all the way to the top to open them up, there’s very little to get in the way of the beauty of your window! You can enjoy your windows when it’s not sunny. Then when the sun hits, you can pull the shades down and stay cool! 


3. Install Roman shades.


These have a similar effect as cellular shades, but these are a little thicker so they block light and heat better. Like the cellular shades, these have a very small stack when you have them open so you can enjoy the full beauty of your windows. 

Both our cellular and our Roman shades can be motorized and automated so that you can control them with a touch of a button, or programmed to lower and raise at certain times of the day.


4. Check your attic insulation.


You might have a great AC filter and a brand-new unit, but if your attic is low on insulation you’re already starting behind because your attic is very hot and you’re trying to cool the whole house with a hot AC unit. If you need insulation we recommending adding it during the summertime, or even better, removing your old insulation and replacing it with new. 


5. Leave your AC on.


People have been going back and forth about this for as long as there have been air conditioners. Do you leave it on all day? Do you turn it off when you go to work?

Leave it on. You might bump it up a few degrees when you leave for work and then turn it back down when you come home. But if you think about it, if you come home and need to get your house from 80 or 85 degrees to a comfortable 69-72, that’s going to take a lot of energy and make your AC unit work even harder! Plus it’s so relaxing to come home to a nice, comfortable house. Just leave your unit on!

We hope this helps you stay cool this summer! If you want to take advantage of cellular or Roman shades, give us a call! We’d love to come over and show you our samples, take some measurements and help you find just the right treatment for your home!