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What are the best window treatments for my home?

You know you need new window treatments for your home, but maybe you really don’t know how to get started figuring out what you need. We’ve put together this guide and checklist for you, to walk you through the process and make it easier for you to get exactly what you want and need.

First, get a better understanding of your particular needs by asking yourself these five questions: 

1. What’s the shape of the window you’re trying to cover?

Is it a regular window? Is it a patio door? Is it a special shape, like an oval? Are you trying to cover French doors? Or even a skylight? Make some notes about the shapes of windows or doors that you need to cover. 

2. What are your needs for the room?

Once you’ve established the shapes of your windows, think about your needs for those window treatments. Do you need coverings that are safe for children? Do you need coverings that boost your home’s energy efficiency? Do you need (or want) motorization, so that you don’t have to physically raise and lower the coverings? 

3. What kind of light do you want (or not want) in the room?

Next, think about your lighting needs. What kind of lighting do you need for the particular room in question? Do you need a covering to block strong sunlight coming in through the window, or do you want something that will let more light through?

4. What kind of material do you want?

Do you prefer fabric? Wood? Metal? Faux wood?

5. What’s your style?

If you’re married, we recommend talking with your spouse, to make sure you are on the same style page. Do you want a contemporary style or a more traditional style? 

These are the questions to ask yourself when you start looking at updating your window treatments. Once you think through these questions, you’ll find yourself narrowing down the types of window treatments that will work for you.

Once you have that in mind, then you can get into the different types of window treatments that are available, and into the details of choosing which particular type of product you want for your windows.

A breakdown of the window treatments we offer:

Cellular shades:

cellular shades Frisco TX

These get their name because they’re made with a front pleat and a back pleat, which creates cells, or honeycombs, in the middle of the shade. These cells make the shades excellent insulators that help with energy efficiency in both summer and winter. 

Another feature of having both a front and back pleat is that the front side of your cellular shade can be in a color that matches your decor, while the back side is always white. This ensures that your windows will always look consistent from the street while giving you flexibility with color inside.

Because the pleats compress when you put the shades up, they fold very compactly. This means that when you put them all the way up, they practically disappear—you don’t have a thick stack of blinds at the top of your window. This makes for a very clean, contemporary look. 

Cellular shades come in a variety of light-blocking options. They can let light diffuse through, or you can get them in a higher opacity to block light.

Roman shades:

Roman shades

Roman shades are great for those who want a softer look. Roman shades are made of fabric and give you the same feel as drapes, but with a much quicker manufacturing and delivery time. You can get these in a variety of colors and fabrics, and they come with a white liner on the back to give your house a consistent appearance from the outside. Roman shades are “hands-free,” meaning that to close them you simply pull on the bottom, and the shade pulls itself up. For more flexibility, you can have the option for your Roman shades to open down from the top, as well as up from the bottom, to provide you with light and privacy. These are also available with motorized options so that you can raise or lower them with the touch of a button, whether you are at home or away. 

Roller shades:

roller shades

Roller shades offer a clean, classic look. They are available in a variety of fabrics and colors and are best for large windows. Often we’ll use roller shades in an office or building that has huge windows. Large windows are very attractive in an office but have the drawback of letting in too much heat and light and making employees and customers uncomfortable. Roller shades can block light and heat, keeping your office cool while also being aesthetically pleasing. In a home, they will work well in a sunroom or patio. 

Roller shades are also available in a hands-free option if you prefer not to have pull cords. For very large or high windows you might prefer motorization so that you can raise or lower them at the push of a button. 


plantation shutters

One of the most common questions we get is, “Do you do Plantation shutters?” We do! Shutters are a great choice to not only block out light but to give your home a very nice look overall. Plantation shutters will give you privacy and let you control the amount of light coming in while giving you a very nice, consistent look throughout your home. These shutters can also be installed on doors, to maintain a consistent look. 

Depending on where you will use the shutters and what kind of style you want, you can choose from wood, faux wood or metal. All our shutters are durable and long-lasting as well as beautiful. We also have exterior shutters to protect outdoor living areas. 

Vertical blinds:

These are best for sliding glass doors and some large windows. They pull out sideways, leaving the whole door or window open when the blinds are pulled back. Vertical blinds mimic the look of drapes, providing a soft feel. Our vertical blinds come in fabric, vinyl and aluminum, and in an incredible array of colors, textures, patterns and light control options. 

Horizontal blinds:

We offer wood, faux wood, and metal. Our wood blinds are basswood, abachi or ash, and come in a variety of paints, stains, wood grains, and slat sizes. Wood blinds offer a warm look to your home and are excellent for privacy and light blocking. 

Our faux wood blinds come in a wide range of colors, stains and wood grains. These are ideal for rooms with a lot of heat and humidity, and areas with water such as a kitchen or bathroom. 

Our aluminum blinds are an excellent choice for light control and privacy. They also come in a wide range of colors and finishes. 


motorized blinds

Many of our blinds are available with a cordless option, or with motorization. Our cordless options leave no cords hanging outside the blinds, making this an excellent option for safety if you have small children or pets in your home. Our motorization systems work with smart home systems so that you can have your blinds open and close at the touch of a button, whether you’re in the home or not. 

This should give you a starting point in figuring out what your goals are for window covering, and how to achieve them. 

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