Light Farms Celina TX

The Benefits of Living In Light Farms

Many of you know that my family and I recently moved to Light Farms in Celina, TX. It’s a beautiful, master-planned community, and we highly recommend it to anyone thinking of moving to the Celina/Prosper/Frisco area. If you’re moving here from out of town, maybe because you’re coming here to work at Toyota or one of the other companies moving to Texas, this would be a great place for you to check out.

Here are some of the features and benefits that my family and I have found since we have moved to Light Farms:

1. Farmer’s market. There’s a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. It’s seasonal, but it’s a great way to shop and buy local. Our family is trying to eat healthier, and this helps us to get fresh fruits and produce right there in what is basically in our own backyard! Right there on the property!

2. Community wine tastings. These are really fun! My wife and I enjoy trying new wines ad meeting new neighbors, and this is a great way to do both!

3. Campouts for kids. These are great because we’re living in an age where it’s more and more difficult to just send your kids outside to play for hours. These campouts are in a more controlled environment right there on the property, our kids get to meet other neighborhood kids, and it’s a great way for them to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

 4. Lots of pools. There are four pools on the property, ranging from lap pools to infant pools. If you’re looking for exercise, there are pools for that. If you’re looking to just lounge around and hang out, there are pools for that as well!

 5. Workout center. There is a full workout center right there on the property. My family and I are working on a healthier lifestyle, and it’s so convenient that we have a full gym right here, and don’t have to drive somewhere else and pay for a gym membership! This has been really beneficial for us.

 The main thing is that we have so many activities right there at our fingertips that except for work and shopping, we don’t really need to leave! You can spend an entire weekend right here in the community and have plenty to do, and not feel like you have cabin fever.

 If you’re looking for a new home for your family, I highly recommend Light Farms. If you’re a realtor, please share this with anyone in the area who might be looking for a first-hand experience!

And of course, if you know anyone who just moved into Light Farms or into another community and they got everything except window treatments, remember to let them know that we can help them out with that!  

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