best window treatments for bedrooms

The Best Window Treatments For Bedrooms

Many of our customers get window treatments a little at a time. Instead of getting treatments for the whole house at once they get them a little at a time, as their budget allows. They usually start with the living room and kitchen, the more common areas where people will see the windows. They’ll often save the bedrooms for last, as far as updating the treatments.

When you are ready to update the window treatments in your bedroom, we have some great options for you!


1. Drapes.


Drapes offer a great look, and they’re also easy to open and close to let light in in the morning or block the window for privacy in the evening. We can customize drapes for your bedroom in any way you like.


2. Day/Night Shades.


These are very popular lately. Day/night shades are called that because, during the day when you want the light to come in, they can be sheer. In the evening you can change it to the night shade, which is more of a blackout. You get not only privacy for sleeping, but you won’t wake up with the sun hitting you in the face. These can also be motorized so that you can control them with your smartphone device. You can also set them up to raise and lower automatically,


3. Plantation Shutters.


Plantation shutters make for a gorgeous master bedroom suite. These can be motorized as well. They can also be customized in many different ways, depending on what you like best. If you want that master bedroom retreat or oasis-type feel, plantation shutters will give you that. It’s a great look!

We hope this helps you get some ideas for your bedroom window treatments. We’d love to come over to your home to show you these products so you can see what they’ll actually look like in your house. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, just click the button below and we’ll get one set up for you!

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