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Lots of people ask us, “What’s the difference between buying custom blinds, and off the shelf blinds?”


The problem is, most people think that custom blinds are going to cost them a lot more. Actually, our product is often the same price custom made as the products you can buy off the shelf. The difference is that the off-the-shelf product is not going to be made specifically to fit the size of your window. 

The Right Fit:

Think of it as the difference between buying a suit off the shelf and getting it custom-tailored. If you have the ideal fit, a man wearing a 42 regular suit looks great. If you have a unique size, you’ll need a tailor to take out the waist, lengthen the pants, and make changes so that the suit actually looks good!  Buying blinds off of the shelf may work for some windows  but may need a “custom-fit” for others.

Always check out the prices. If a custom price is the same as the off-the-shelf price, you should always go custom. Windows are not exact. When you buy off the shelf, it will say that it’s made to fit windows of a range of widths or lengths. This means that when you actually put it in your window you might have blinds that stack up at the bottom because they’re too long for your window. Or it may not be quite wide enough and you’ll have gaps in the sides that let light in. 

With a custom fit, even if windows are side by side we measure specifically for each window. You won’t have any stacking at the bottom or any gaps.

Also, when you buy blinds off the shelf, that means you’re the installer! When you hire us for custom blinds, not only will they fit each window exactly, but we take care of all the installation for you. So if you have the opportunity to go with a custom fit vs. off the shelf, always go with the custom fit! 

If you tried to install blinds yourself and you’re not happy with the installation, we can help.

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