window treatment appointment

When we say, “We bring the store to you,” we mean we literally bring the store to you!

What We Bring

We bring you samples of blinds. We bring the whole blind color deck, and samples of all sizes and styles. This way you can see just what the blinds you choose will look like in your home. We bring samples of different kinds of headrails, so you can see those too. We even bring samples of aluminum blinds and different styles of valances.


When we start getting into shutters we bring out a shutter panel. This way you can see what the different types of trim look like. We bring a bag with all the different trim styles and all the standard colors that we have. (Of course, we can also do custom colors for you!)


When we get to cellular shades, we bring samples of all the different pleat sizes. Our samples all come out of the book so that you can hold them up to your window and the wall to see if it’s something that you really like and that will look good in your room, that will go with your lighting and decor.

Are you interested in roller shades? We come in with a nice bag of samples of all different types: room darkening, light filtering, solar screens, designer. We bring a lookbook so you can see what each type looks like in different styles and colors. We bring examples of the different types of headrails and all the different styles of fabrics that are available. And there are a lot of different fabric styles to choose from!

What Will My Window Treatments Look Like In My Home?

So when we say “We bring the store to you,” we really mean it! It’s very important that you see everything in your lighting, and with your decor. Think about the time you bought paint, and you got it home and you thought they mixed it wrong. But the lighting in your house is different than the lighting in the store, which makes the paint look different in your house. You don’t want to make an investment in window treatments only to not have them look the way you want them to when we install them! This is why it’s so important for us to meet you in the home, and bring our store to you. To schedule your appointment, click the button below now!


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