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Solutions to Keep Your Patio Cooler This Summer


Summer is approaching, and 90 and 100-degree temperatures will be here before we know it! 

We have some great solutions for your patio area/outdoor space to keep you comfortable once the temperatures heat up. Most people associate window treatments with rooms inside your house, but did you know we can use them to take care of your patio as well? Here are a few ways we can use window treatments to solve the problem of outdoor heat and sun.


1. Exterior Shutters.

You can enclose your entire patio space with exterior shutters. The beauty of exterior shutters is that when you open them all the way up you have all of your patio space available. But if it’s a windy or hot day and you want to enjoy a meal on the patio or use the space as a play area for your kids, you can totally close off the space to keep out wind and sun. You can also open them part way to let some light and sun in, but you control the amount.


2. Solar Screens.

solar screens


These let you close off the patio in a similar way, but these have an option that allows you to open them manually or by remote control. We offer solar screens that can be motorized so that you can control them with the click of a button! Whether you choose shutters or shades, being able to close off the space like this almost gives you an additional room for your home. These are great for winter, too, and for windy days so you don’t end up spending more time tracking down paper plates and napkins than feeding your guests! 

So if you’d like to enjoy your patio year-round, even in the dog days of summer, we can come out, measure your outdoor space and give you a free estimate on the spot. We’d love to help you stay cool this summer!