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One thing customers often don’t consider is the lead time on window treatments. If you’ve never bought custom window treatments before, lead time is probably not something you’ve had to think about before. After all, if you normally go into a big box store to buy your window treatments, you’re getting stuff literally off the shelf. There is no lead time. You have it instantly!

Buying off of the shelf:

Unfortunately, they may not be the best treatments for your window. The blinds may be too long, leading to them stacking up at the bottom. They may be too narrow, and leave you with light coming in. These are not custom window treatments, and so it’s really a matter of luck as to whether they will actually fit your windows and meet your needs.

Custom Window Treatments:

When you get custom window treatments, these treatments are measured to exactly fit your windows, and they are custom made just for you. You know these treatments will be perfect for your windows—no luck, and no guesswork! 

But custom treatments do require some lead time. For blinds, you want to figure on a week to 10 days. For other treatments, like window shades, expect three to three and a half weeks of lead time to get them made. Shutters often take longer, about five to six weeks. 

Blinds For New Builds:

If you’re building a new home, you want to think about how far out you need to start ordering your custom window treatments so that they can be ready when it’s time for you to move in. If the holidays are coming up and you want your new window treatments up before your family gets there, make sure you order them with enough lead time that they’ll be ready when you want them. 

What if there’s going to be a gap between the time that you move into your home, and the time that the window treatments are ready? In that case, we offer you temporary shades so that you will have the privacy and light control you need until your products are ready. 

So when you are ready to order your custom window treatments, keep these lead times in mind. We want you to have your window treatments ready when you need them, at move-in or before your guests arrive!  

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