home break-ins

Today I want to talk to you about security. 

Whether or not we realize it, we are creatures of habit. And as creatures of habit, we get into routines. We leave for work at the same time, and we tend to come home at the same time each day. When we’re traveling and that routine is broken, people notice, even if you don’t think they do. 

home security

So if you normally raise your window shades in the morning and lower them at night, etc., people will notice that. And if that routine is broken, people might take that as a sign that you’re not home. Maybe someone will decide it’s safe to look in the window to see what’s there. And then you could become a target for burglars.

How Window Treatments Can Help:

How can window treatments help this? What we offer is motorization. Not just motorization for when you’re there, using a remote control to raise your shades up and down—although that’s available! What we offer is a hub. You can program this hub to automatically raise your shades to certain levels at certain times of the day. More importantly, even when you’re not there, you can raise and lower them remotely from your smartphone, your iPad, etc. 


You could be sitting on the beach somewhere and think to yourself, “You know, about this time is when I’d usually lower the shades.” And you could lower the shades, right there from the beach!! Or you can have the hub programmed so that your routine with the house stays the same when you’re not there as when you are. So you’ll be gone, but no one will realize it! 

So from a security standpoint, we can help make your home a safer place. Please remember Quality Window Fashions, experience you can trust! 

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