In Texas, we love our patios and outdoor living spaces! But it’s frustrating when we can’t use our outdoor living spaces because it’s too windy, or too cold, or even too hot and sunny. And once winter hits, no one wants to be out on the patio. Patios are great, but in reality, they can often be uncomfortable.

All that time you spend not wanting to go out on your patio means that you’re wasting the money you invested in your outdoor living space. 

We have a solution! We offer exterior aluminum shutters that make your outdoor living area usable year-round. 

Once these shutters are installed you can completely close them for an enclosed living area, or you can push them back and have your completely open patio.

1. Keep Your Patio Cool (or Warm):

When you have the shutters in place around your patio in the summer, you have complete flexibility in how open or closed your living space is. When it’s too hot outside you can close the shutters and enjoy the shade. You can have them all open and let all that light in. Or, you can just close the shutters on the side where the sun is, and leave the rest of your patio open. 

2. Privacy:

If you need more privacy from your neighbors you can open only the top or bottom half of the shutters, and leave the other half closed. You can still enjoy the light and fresh air while having complete privacy.

3. Block Out The Cold and Wind:

In the winter you can completely close all the shutters to keep out the cold. Now you can enjoy your outdoor living area all year round!

Our shutters are also lockable and rated for wind impacts of 170 miles per hour. Your patio will be kept safe from storm damage, and the locks give you extra security and peace of mind. This also means no more chasing napkins and paper plates when you want to enjoy an outdoor meal when there’s lighter wind!

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