Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Windows


This time of year a lot of people start paying more attention to their home as we transition from spring into summer. We thought we’d help you out with some spring cleaning tips. Of course, we’re going to focus on windows, because windows are what we do!


1. Pay attention to both sides.


You want to make sure that your windows are clean both on the inside and the outside. Many people have a window washing service come out in the spring to clean their windows thoroughly. This is also a good time to see if you need to update your windows—maybe you need better energy efficiency, maybe your windows are old and it’s time to replace them. Maybe you have some cracks in your window glass that you’ve let slide for a while. This is a good time to update all of those things.


2. Clean your window treatments.


If you have drapes, you will need to get those professionally cleaned. If you have shades or cellular shades you can actually take a hair dryer and blow any dirt off the shades or out of the cells. Shutters are low-maintenance and so often we forget to pay attention to them, but it’s easy for kids (and adults!) to spill things on them, or leave messy handprints. Shutters are easy to wipe down and have them looking like new again. 


3. Upgrade your window treatments if it’s time.


While you’re cleaning your window treatments, take a good look at them and see if you need to update any of them. Often when people move into a home that was previously lived in they just leave the same window treatments in place. Often after people have been living in the house a couple of years we’ll get contacted to upgrade the window treatments for something the current owners actually want. If that’s you, we’d love to help you out by giving you a free estimate! Go ahead and click the button below and we’ll book an appointment for you. 

We hope you have a great spring, as we transition into summer!

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