how to stay cool on your patio

It’s summertime in Texas! That’s all great until you’re outside and you’re almost cooking on your patio or outdoor living area!

We want to tell you about four ways you can stay cool while you’re outside on your patio, whether your kids are playing or you’re enjoying lunch or dinner outside, or entertaining friends—we want to make sure everyone is staying comfortable.

1. Block the sun.

Invest in outdoor furniture that comes with large umbrellas to block direct sunlight.

2. Cover your patio.

If you can, this is a better option than big umbrellas. If your patio is not already covered we recommend you get bids from contractors to see what can be done about getting some kind of permanent cover in place. (Don’t forget to check with your HOA first!) Even a pergola is a good idea. Just find some way to protect yourself from that hot Texas sun.

3. Install a ceiling fan.

If you have a covered patio and it’s sill scorching hot underneath your cover, you can have an electrician come out and install a ceiling fan on your patio ceiling. Lots of people are doing this nowadays! This is a great way to get a breeze flowing, especially if you live in an area that’s more closed in and you don’t get much in the way of a breeze.

4. Bring in some mist!

Some people are installing misters on their patios! These are fun, and the mist will keep you nice and cool when it’s scorching hot. An added bonus is that the mist will make it harder for the bugs to bite!

5. Have Exterior Shutters Installed.

If you’ve done all these things: you have the covered patio, the fan, the misters and it’s still just way too hot or way too windy, we can come in and install exterior aluminum shutters. The reason these are so great is that you can still enjoy the wide-openness of your patio if you want to, by opening up all the shutters. Our shutters make a neat stack on the ends so that when you open them all up, there’s very little shutter to block your view! But when you close the shutters your patio becomes an enclosed outdoor living area. The shutters cut down on the wind, the heat and the bugs. If you’ve ever chased napkins around while you’re trying to have dinner outside, you understand the struggle is very real!

You can lock these shutters for greater security. You can open and shut the louvers, giving you as much privacy or light as you want. Outdoor aluminum shutters are an option that more and more Texans are choosing because it is so hot and we have to do everything we can to battle the elements!

Even better, exterior shutters are just as useful in the winter time, for keeping the cold and the cold wind out!

Give us a call if you’d like to hear more about the aluminum shutters and what they can do for your patio. In the meantime, cover your patio and wear sunscreen!

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