solutions for not having treatments

We’ve talked before about people who move into a house and then it hits them like a ton of bricks—they don’t have any window treatments! Whether they bought a pre-existing home and the previous owner took everything with them, or they bought a newly-constructed home and the builder did not provide any window treatments, now they find themselves in quite the pickle!

We want to give you some solutions for what you can do to give yourself some privacy while you’re waiting for the window treatments you actually want. What you do not want to do is to rush out and buy just anything because your windows are bare! So here are some temporary solutions you can use while you’re waiting for the window treatments you actually want for your home.

1. Hang sheets.

We know this is the old-fashioned solution, but it works! It’s easy to pin up some sheets, and you get instant privacy and protection from the sun. Remember, these are temporary solutions—we don’t expect you to have your bed sheets up in the window for months!

2. Use temporary shades.

This is more of a sophisticated solution. Some of the big box stores are carrying these now, but we can help you out with them as well. From a distance, they look like regular shades or blinds, but they’re actually cheap material that you stick over your window. This is something you can get away with for awhile while you’re waiting for custom window treatments, or while you’re trying to figure out which treatments you really want. This is a very cost-effective temporary solution, especially as it looks good from the street!

3. Do nothing.

You might choose to do nothing at all. A lot of people love the aesthetics of large windows, and they don’t want to do anything to cover them. That’s fine, it’s totally up to you. Everyone has different preferences for lighting and privacy. Just remember that when the sun goes down and your interior lights come on, everyone will be able to see what you’re doing inside your house. If privacy is not an issue for you, you can live without window treatments.

4. Do it yourself.

You can go out and buy your own window treatments, blinds, etc. But when you do that, you also have to do all the installation yourself. Especially if you’re buying a brand-new home, you want to be careful to not mess up the measurements and end up with unnecessary holes in your drywall. You can prevent this by having a professional come in to correctly measure and install your window treatments.

4. Hang curtains.

You can go to resale shops or even online stores and find very inexpensive curtains. It’s easy to install a curtain rod, and this is an attractive solution until you’re ready to install blinds or shutters. Curtains will still allow you to close off your windows at night and give you some privacy.

Custom window treatments take a little bit of time to work through the process of choosing, ordering, and getting them made and installed. These temporary solutions will get you through that period while you’re waiting to get the perfect window treatments for your house. So if you find yourself in this situation, where you’ve moved into a new home and realized “Oops! What are we going to do about the windows?” We hope this will help you get through that!

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