The Best Blinds For Child Safety

The Best Blinds For Child Safety

I’ve been in the window treatment industry for over a decade, and one change I’ve noticed over the last few years is a greater emphasis on child safety. Small children and pets can easily get caught up in cords and get injured, or can even die.


Because of this, we offer many cordless options for window treatments.

The Problem

You’re probably familiar with standard corded blinds. These have a cord that runs alongside the blinds. As you pull on the cord to raise the blinds, you end up with a lot of the cord hanging down on the side. People have sometimes dealt with this by wrapping it up around something, or tying the cord up high so that it doesn’t reach very low to the ground. But the bottom line is, that cord is there, it’s hanging down, it’s a risk and you have to do something with it. Even if tying it up works well for you, you have to remember to do it, every time. You also have to rely on the cord not coming loose.


Small children can easily take that loose cord and wrap it around their head or neck and get tangled up in it. That’s exactly what we want to avoid.

3 Solutions

Here are the options we offer to keep children and small pets safe:


  1. Retractable cord. One option that we have for blinds is a retractable cord. When the blinds are down, the cord is up high like on standard corded blinds. But with a retractable cord window treatment, when you raise the window treatment the cord comes down like normal, but then retracts so that it’s still hanging up high, out of the reach of children. The cord that does hang down is not long enough for anyone to get tangled up in.


  1. Cordless. Another option we offer has no cords whatsoever. Our Roman shades are raised and lowered without a cord. This is an ideal option as long as you’re able to reach the top of your window treatment—you can only raise it up as high as you can reach, so it wouldn’t work for a two-story atrium. But for most home windows, this is an excellent, safe choice.


  1. Motorization. Finally, there is motorization. This is probably the best all-around solution. With a motorized window treatment, I just hit a button on the remote to lower or raise it. No cords! And this option will work no matter how high up your window goes. So not only are there no cords, but you can use this functionally in any area of the house.


I have four children myself. My youngest is 5, and he’s just the type of kid who likes to wrap himself up in things, wrap things around his head, or just get into stuff. So I take child safety very seriously! All of our window treatments have options that will keep you from having cords hanging down and causing a hazard.


So if you have small children in your home, whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or you run a daycare or preschool where a lot of toddlers are around, please strongly consider either eliminating cords altogether or getting a shorter cord option.  If would you like a free estimate on window treatments that are safer for your home, please click the button below.

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