energy efficient window treatments

People often ask: Why does my house get hot? Why am I not energy efficient?

When the sun’s rays hit your windows, ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared rays are what come through. UV rays fade your furniture, and infrared rays heat things up. Think of a greenhouse—the infrared rays come in, they diffuse, but they can’t get back out. That’s what heats it up. That’s great for your greenhouse—but not for your house!

You need something to block those rays from coming through. That’s what your window treatment does. Those rays are still coming through the window, but they’re stopped there by your window treatment.

The best window treatments to stop UV and infrared rays from getting in your house are:

1. Shutters. They’re the best for energy efficiency, and they’re aesthetically beautiful. 

2. Honeycomb or cellular shades. These are hollow, so the air in the cells acts as an extra insulator for your house. 

3. Roller shades. You might have seen these at a car dealership or restaurant. When you roll these shades down, they block those rays. 

Remember, the rays are still coming through your window, but the shade is what’s stopping it from getting from the window into your house. We have lots of shades that are great at stopping those rays right there at the window, to turn that hot room into a more comfortable room, so you’re not having to freeze the whole house just to get that one room comfortable!

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