motorization for window treatments McKinney TX

Did you know that you can control our shades and blinds with your smartphone or tablet? Many people are blown away once we show them this, but some ask, “why would I ever need to do this?  Well, let’s talk about motorization and a few reasons why you might need it.  

1. Hard to reach windows:

Sometimes you might have a window that’s just hard to reach, and it’s very difficult to adjust the shade or raise or lower it. Motorization is a great choice for these windows. A perfect example of this is a two-story atrium in your entryway or living room.  It’s much easier to control them with motorization than to get out a ladder every time you need to make an adjustment. 

2. Physical challenges:


Another situation in which you might need motorization is for someone finds it physically challenging to operate the window treatments. This might be someone who is older or someone with physical challenges. Motorization takes that burden away from them so they can control their blinds easily. 

3. Security:

Another reason is not just motorization where you push a button and the shades are going up or down or tilting open or closed, but for security. If you have motorization that is tied into a hub, you can set what are called “scenes.” You can set a morning scene where the shades come up, an afternoon scene where maybe they come halfway down, and an evening scene where they close up altogether. 

With a hub, you can control your motorization with your smartphone or tablet, etc. So you can be on vacation and while you’re checking your thermostat or your armed system, you can also adjust any of your windows! Motorization has really come a long way!

So those are a few reasons why you might want to consider motorization. We’d love to talk with you about getting your house set up for motorization!

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