how much do window treatments cost

How much do window treatments cost?


There are three factors that go into pricing:

1. The quality of the product

All our products are from the top of the line manufacturers: Hunter Douglas, Norman, etc. This means we’re never going to be the least expensive, or rather, we’re never going to be the cheapest option, because we’re giving you quality products.

2. The quality of the installation

Our installers only do installation work. That’s all they do. These are certified installers who have been trained by our manufacturers, not general contractors or a handyman who does this periodically. You will pay a little more for an excellent installation, than if you had someone who just does this on the side.

3. The quality of the service and warranty you get with the installation

Not only do you get a guarantee from us, you get lifetime warranties from our vendors. If anything goes wrong we will come out and repair or replace at no additional charge.

So as you can see, the quality of what you’re getting will dictate the price. A good analogy for this is a car. A car is not just a car. A top of the line Mercedes will be at a different price point than a top of the line Kia Soul. This is true for any product.

Quality aside, there are some other factors that will affect how much your window treatments will cost:

  •  How many windows you have. Do you have half a dozen? Or 20?
  • The size of your windows. The larger a window, the more expensive it is to cover it.
  • The type of treatment you choose. Just about any window treatment can be used to cover any size window. But different factors come into play with each type such as energy efficiency, room darkening, light control, etc. The type of treatment you choose will affect the price.


When we come out to your house we ask a lot of questions. That’s not because we’re nosy or don’t know what we’re doing. We ask these questions to try to take this broad base of products and narrow it down to what you want to accomplish, what makes sense for your home, etc.


There is a window treatment for any budget, from a basic blind to a high-end wood shutter and everything in between. Generally your basic blind will be your most cost-effective. Higher end treatments are items like shutters and some of the Hunter Douglas products like Silhouettes, Pirouettes, Duettes, etc. In the middle, we have cellular shades, roller shades, and things like that.


We hope this helps you to understand the things that go into pricing. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your needs, and find just the right window coverings for you!


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