window treatments for new construction

One of the things people forget when they’re either building or purchasing a new home is the window treatments. After the excitement of moving in, they realize: “Gosh! We don’t have anything on the windows!”

In a panic, they rush off to a big box store and spend a lot of extra money on something that really isn’t good quality. 

Timing is everything

I want you to know that time is on your side. If you need basic blinds or shades, we can usually get those in within 10 days to two weeks. For shutters, we need about six weeks’ lead time.

When you should have your home measured

If you’re in the process of building your home, once the windows are finished out and the drywall is up, we can go ahead and measure your windows for your treatments. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t painted yet—that won’t change the window size! We can go ahead and measure and pick out colors and have everything ready to go. That way we can time your order for when you’re actually moving in. 

So when you’re getting into that new home and you’re all excited—don’t forget the window treatments! And don’t forget Quality Window Fashions—experience you can trust!

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